There is something about sitting around the dinner table and listening to grandpa tell dirty jokes. I love it! So, I have decided to start rehashing some of the jokes I have heard throughout my journey’s. Every afternoon listen on the air at 6:20 for what we will call Butch’s B.S.Then you can enter the name of the joke here for your chance to win great prizes

Ciaran McGuiggan/Flickr

Two Men were out fishing when one decides to have a smoke. John asks Sam if he has a lighter. He replies, and hands the other a 10 inch long BIC lighter.

Surprised John asks "Where did you get this?"

Sam replies " Oh I have a personal genie."

John asks "Can I make a wish?"

Sure says Sam "Just make sure that you speak clearly cause he is a little hard at hearing"

"Ok I will" says John as he rubs the lamp a genie appears and asks what he wants.

John says "I want a Million Bucks"

The genie says OK and goes back to his bottle and 10 seconds later a million ducks fly over head.

John looks at Sam, "Your genie really sucks at hearing doesn't he?"

Sam replies "Do you really think I asked for a 10 inch BIC?"