In a recent study, it's been said that Facebook causes depression. The article I read specifically focuses on people checking Facebook at work. Personally, I have a different take on the issue.

The divorce rate in our country is climbing every year. Communications technology has also improved every year. When cell phones first came out, hardly anyone had them. Now, kids in elementary school are carrying around iPhones. This generation is growing up with technology and what do you think is going to happen when these kids grow up and get into relationships?

Having access to your significant other 100% of a relationship is a huge problem. I'm convinced of it! Let's rewind to a time before cell phones. How did dating work? Well, you would call that guy or gal and invite them out to an evening on the town. You hang up the phone, drive to their house and show up at their door with some flowers. Then, you had the entire date to talk and learn about each other.

Today, you're driving home from work after texting your guy or gal all day long. You call them up and say "hey let's get dinner!" they agree and you stay with them on the phone until you get to their house. Now you've had enough time to talk about your day and then some. What's left?

People don't give themselves time to actually MISS the other person they're with. Enter Facebook. Your over-communicated sexual relationship has ended... Now you get to watch your ex flirt with every person on their Facebook wall! On top of that, you're in a new relationship and you're spending more time stalking your ex on Facebook instead of getting over them.

We live in a world where computers and the internet are essential for doing our jobs. It's easy to keep Facebook opened and depress ourselves all day long. If you need more reasons, check out the article I read. What do you think? Has Facebook and social media ruined your relationship?