The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day, because it's not like it's swimsuit season or anything. A handful of local bakeries give out free doughnuts, or give you a deal on this holiday, and TOM + CHEE in Fort Collins takes it a step up. 

Wavebreakmedia Ltd./ThinkStock

Grilled cheese is probably my fave food of all time. Cheese + carbs = everything I need in life. According to the Denver Post, tomorrow (June 3), the TOM + CHEE restaurant on Harmony Road in Fort Collins will be offering their [beautiful, wonderful] grilled cheese doughnuts for $2 to celebrate the holiday.

It's melted cheddar cheese between two gorgeously glazed doughnut halves...My lawd.

The Denver Post also has the scoop on where you can score yourself some freebies tomorrow for National Doughnut Day. Unless you are Ariana Grande, then every day is a free doughnut day, right?)

Via TMZ.