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With the presidential election coming up quickly, it's no secret that Colorado is a big swing state that could easily go to either candidate. Back in August President Obama visited the CSU Campus in Fort Collins and went on to speak at the CU Bolder Campus as well. Mitt Romney's running mate Paul Ryan has also made an appearance in Fort Collins. This month the two candidates debate at DU in Denver. One thing's for sure; the political ads, rants by friends on facebook and campaign stops for the state of Colorado are nowhere close to being over.

Anyways with all of that being said we want to see where you stand with a mock election. Let us know who you are planning to vote for as of right now; everyone gets one vote and it is 100% confidential. The mock election ends on October 17th at midnight. Then check out some of our most interesting election-based stories below including which music artist you would vote for if they were running for president!

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