Some people on your Christmas list are harder to shop for than others. Here are a few gifts we found for the man in your life. Or, here are a few gifts we found that are so awesome you might buy for yourself. 

Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack:

For the Drinker on the Go

It holds an entire 12-pack, and has an adjustable strap in case your loved one already has already added a few beer-pounds. $26.00. Get it here

How To Swear Around the World

For the Traveler

This convenient book serves up mean dishes of word-fu. It could be a handy travel guide, or a convenient coffee-table book for those who like to entertain guests who speak different languages, puta. $15.00. Get it here.

Gangsta Rap Coloring Book

For the Childish-Yet-Hardened

Here we see a wild gangster outside of his natural habitat: coloring. A rare sighting indeed. Be careful not to make any sudden movements, some of them have been known to strike without warning. $8. Get it here.

Mirror Stickers

For the Wana-be Race Car Driver

If you aint first, yer last. $1. Buy a whole bunch and give them away. Get it here.

Piranha Plant Glass Pipe

For the Elegant Smoker
via Etsy

Handmade glassware that is perfect for the nostalgic gamer / smoker / possibly pothead / aspiring botanist. $79 (Handmade glassware aint cheap.) Get it here.

Battle Mug

For the Battle-Hardened Drink Enthusiast

Sometimes you just need a little cream with your coffee. Other times, you need a mug made out of weapon-grade solid 6061 T6 billet aluminum. $224. Get it here.

Desktop Cannons

For When You Have A Case of the Mondays

These little arms are capable of firing small steel balls through beer bottles (which you shouldn't have at work anyways), into computer monitors, and probably capable of drawing blood. $34. Get it here.

Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit

For the Paranoid-Yet-Handy-With-a-Knife

Gerber makes knives. Knives are good in a variety of situations. These knives were created with the end of the world in mind. Includes three knives, two machetes, and a hatchet. $250 Get it here.