When I come to work everyday it is usually about entertaining, having some fun, and playing some good music. I am honored that I get to do that everyday, but I feel the need to use my voice for more than just fun and games, but also to make a difference. I do that every year with my benefit event, Lures 4 Laney, but I need your help!

Last year was year number two that we honored a little girl from Northern Colorado who lost her life due to a cancerous brain tumor at only three years old. In two years we have raised over $15 grand for other families battling this horrible disease.

This year we WILL have a national headlining act at Ricky B's in Windsor, but we need some local bands to come open the show up. Like last year the bands that play throughout the day will get to play a song or two on the air, and do a short set as we raise funds.

The date is not 100% confirmed, but it will be sometime this September, and as soon as the announcement of the band and date are finalized, you will know.

For now though, I am looking to fill the calendar with great local support. If you are in a band or know a band that would be interested in getting your song on the air and also helping a cause that is very near and dear to our hearts please email me: Butch@943Loudwire.com.

Thank you for taking the time to consider helping a very important cause. I look forward to hearing some great talent in September!