Hi, I'm Shelby, and I'm addicted to Night Riots. Thankfully, they seem to like Northern Colorado as much as we like them, because (after blowing right in with that blizzard last December) they'll be coming back next week so I can get a fix.

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As much as I do love hearing Scruggs singing 'I am contagious...' down the hall from me at work... these are my favorite songs by Night Riots, performed by Night Riots. (But I mean I can't blame the girl; we're all getting pretty pumped for the show here, so hopefully my top tracks will help you do the same.)

PHOTOS: Night Riots with Silver & Gold at the Downtown Artery 2015

 Back to Your Love

Ah, the song of my summer 2015... Sure, I do enjoy the song by itself, but the video made me love it like I do a good John Cusack '80s teen movie. It's a perfect combination of Travis Hawley's resemblance to a Say Anything era Cusack, his endearing dance moves, and the notion that had Cusack been cast in Mannequin instead of Andrew McCarthy, this would basically be it in three minutes and sixteen seconds.

Contagious (Orchestral Redition)

When it comes to Night Riots, of course we all like 'Contagious,' (especially Scruggs) but this version really gives us all the feels.


This video (shot on film?) of Night Riots frontman Travis Hawley playing ukulele in a cemetery is disturbing and beautiful and I can't get enough of it. At the band's last show in Fort Collins, they put white sheets over their heads while he played the uke, and it was a lot closer to Christmas than it was Halloween, but hey I'll take it.

94.3 The X and The Crew Presents: Night Riots with Charming Liars, Silver & Gold and Slow Caves on Sunday May 29 at the Moxi Theater in downtown Greeley.