Requestour? YES, YES, YES! I'm not going to lie, all my high school feels are comin' in hot right now. 

The last time I saw The Spill Canvas was in Denver in 2009, outdoors, in the pouring rain (and no, we didn't kiss because that's not how our song goes. ;) ) This time, they'll be inside. You can catch them at the Moxi Theater in Greeley on Wednesday, September 14 for their Requestour.

Anna Lee Media

OK, so what is 'Requestour?' Request + Tour = Requestour. Like, Brangelina. Basically, The Spill Canvas just wrapped up supporting Motion City Soundtrack on their big farewell tour, and now, before they begin working on their first album in years, they are going to hit the road and let us fans pick the set list -- which is pretty awesome.

So, what am I requesting? The radio hits that made me love them enough to go see their show in a downpour, obviously.

'All Over You'

(Ah, hello 2007.) Actually, I really like this song, despite the fact that the first time I heard it, my head was in a toilet. I was home sick from school with food poisoning or flu or something but I had my radio on, and I momentarily stopped regurgitating my dinner like, 'Damn, what is this song?' #truestory Also, probably TMI, sorry... 

'Our Song' 

I mean, I think we all want this one.

'Gateway Drug'

Aaaand I'll take this one, too, please. Thanks!