It’s great when you find yourself in a stupid situation, and then you get help from a nice person.

Come in and let me tell you the story of “Dave’s Dilemma at The Fair“!

I was out at the Larimer County Fair on Sunday to do a live broadcast from 5p-7pm. Afterward, I hung out to enjoy the free music on the stage- “Amplified Souls” was tearing it up for the crowd.   After the show, I went to my car to find that I had left my lights on – the battery was dead.  I can’t even tell you WHY I had my lights on when I got to The Ranch at 4:30, but I CAN tell you that there’s a problem with the ‘alarm’ that lets me know when I’m about to leave the lights on- it works MOST of the time, but not ALL the time- so apparently, It did NOT work that time.

So there I was  with a dead car battery and a VERY low cell phone battery. Great. I figured I would just have to wait for the person driving the car parked in front of mine came out – so I could ask them to give me a jump.  Hopefully THAT person would have some jumper cables to boot- mine were horrific–

You can make out how one of the cables doesn’t even have proper plastic insulation on it..How  could I have been driving around with these junker jumpers?!

Then I realized that just because I left the fair at 9:00, doesn’t mean that the driver of the car in front of me wasn’t going to stay til the carnival ended at MIDNIGHT.  I needed a better plan than waiting for that driver.  Calling a friend to come out to The Ranch and  jump me was out of the question-because getting OUT of The Ranch is hectic after and event- let alone trying to get IN through the traffic.

Then, as cars are going by me to exit, one great big truck slowed and parked diagonally a few spaces down from my car.  He was just kind of sitting there.  So, I cautiously approached the driver’s window– he rolls it down- and here is this young cowboy talking to a girl.  I ask if he can give me a jump- “‘Sure- but I don’t have any cables- Wait- I guess SHE does”. So she jumps out to get her cables out of HER car and they swing around and proceed to get The Jetta back to power.

As we’re saying goodbye- Brian (I didn’t get his last name) -asked if I was going out the rodeo on Monday night- because he’s a team-roper that night.

So when you head to the PRCA Rodeo tonight (8/6) at The Ranch- be on the lookout for team-roper BRIAN!  And let him know that I DID get a decent set of cables!!