The hurt of your team losing isn't as bad if you don't expect them to win. When the Denver Broncos lost the Super Bowl, that hurt. But Colorado has never really had a college basketball powerhouse, so all of the states major teams being done before one day one of the NCAA Tournament is over isn't that big of a surprise. 

The only two teams that even had a chance to extend their seasons into national tournaments were the University of Northern Colorado Bears and the Colorado Buffaloes.

UNC lost at home in the opening round of the 82-71 to Texas A&M Corpus Christi on Wednesday night effectively ending their season.

And the only Colorado team to go dancing in the NCAA Tournament, the CU Buffs, were manhandled 77-48 by Pittsburgh in their Round of 64 game today (March 20th) in Orlando. The loss also sends the Buffs packing for the year.

When does the Bronco season start again??