A chicken mysteriously wound up in the garden outside a Fort Collins Starbucks on Tuesday, and everyone's wondering how in the world it got there in the first place.

The Coloradoan's Erin Udell says that Danielle Brockel, an employee at the coffee locale on North College Avenue near Willox Street, posted a photo of the chicken to a Fort Collins question and answer Facebook group on Tuesday afternoon. Brockel estimates the chicken had been there for almost 12 hours.

Employees think the chicken came from the rural area north of the coffee shop, while one Facebook commenter guessed it either came from a farm south of Starbucks or a honey shop to the north.

The chicken was captured by a customer and taken to the Larimer Humane Society, who will hold the hen as a lost pet for 5 days before putting her up for adoption.

If this is your chicken, you now know where to find her...and that she loves hanging out at coffee shops.