It has always been a bad idea to speed or do anything remotely illegal in your car while traveling in a state other than the one from which your license plates say you are from because cops are always hungry for out of state revenue. But now, even driving perfectly normal in another state with Colorado plates may be a bad idea! 

A 69-year-old Colorado resident, Darien Roseen, was recently traveling through Idaho along Interstate 84 when shortly after crossing the state border he was pulled over by an Idaho State Police trooper. Roseen claims that trooper Justin Klitch followed him to a nearby rest area where he used his desperate need for a toilet break as an opportunity to stop him on suspicion of transporting illegal drugs.

The trooper supposedly went on to say that he could smell weed and claimed that Roseen's eyes were "red and glassy" before hauling Roseen to the County Sheriff’s office and had his truck transported there by another officer... without Roseen’s consent.

For three hours, Roseen was detained while eight officers ripped into his vehicle in search for illegal drugs... none were found. Roseen was issued a citation for careless driving and sent on his way.

Now he is suing the Idaho State Police suggesting that he was harassed for having a Colorado license plate and now seeks restitution for general and punitive damages.