Each day I pose the question, "What can I experience today that'll make me  a better person by tonight.   <!--more-->

I had that experience yesterday.  I got a call from a woman who asked 'Is there any place/ agency that can help me?"  She had 7 hungry thoroughbreds and her Social Security check wasn't due until next week.

DING DING !!!!  Here was a woman who spoke to my heart, and I could HELP!!!
First I had to ask my HAY guy IF he had any hay.  He did. When I told Melvin my story, he sold me over 30 bales of alfalfa for $110.00.  I'm not good with numbers, but this $7.00 per-bale hay was on my truck for under $4 per bale. SWEET!

When I pulled into the woman's farm, she greeted me with a huge hug and disbelief. This hay would tide her over until her money came in and I got to be part of that.  Of course, she wanted to talk about paying me, to which I told her, if Lily and I were ever living under a bridge, homeless, maybe we could camp out in her barn.  She laughed and agreed.

The great reward was being able to give each of her amazing horses lunch and they were so very polite and absolutely gorgeous.  I knew <strong>why</strong> she was 'the crazy horse lady' that I am certain to become.