When you’re looking for just that right place for a relaxing cup of coffee in Loveland, you have to check out this place off of 8th and Taft. It’s a great place that has lots of great art inside and out. Take a look at some pictures we got while enjoying some time there!

It’s kind of a unique location; off the beaten path, west of 8th and Taft in Loveland. It’s Dallabetta’s Muse coffee shop. Also known as just Muse. Some Loveland residents may remember the original Dallabetta’s- it was a coffee shop on the south shore of Lake Loveland from the mid-90s to 2007. Kyle Dallabetta is married to Loveland artist Jane DeDecker, and opened up a new coffee shop where they live and create- right there off of 8th and Taft.

I really like this place! It’s cozy, and all its own. From the giant coffee cup on the street, to the little nook/sitting area in the back. Considering that it’s not a huge place, it does have lots of room. Many different settings- a high-top, a low-top, couches, a small bar, lots of seating outside, and a little nook that used to be a small garage. All throughout the shop is art- little statues, art on the walls, even in the light fixtures! Put that together with the great coffees, great coffee-shop food, teas as well, you’ve got yourself one fantastic place to stop in and spend some time with friends!