Bacon is pretty close to taking over the world. It's clear that everyone loves it, and after finding out recently that they have now made bacon deodorant, I am convinced that you can get just about anything in this world in bacon flavor, fragrance, or shape. We also all know it's not good for you, but this video I found shows it's not just bad... It's horrible!

Ok, so that video made it pretty clear that bacon is VERY bad for you, but I know beings that it is close to meal time, you probably want to get at least one more fix of the meat candy. So you don't feel so bad, I have actually found a few reasons bacon is good for you...

  • The protein found in bacon is extremely valuable to maintaining our energy levels and a fully functioning, healthy body.
  • Bacon is chock full of a very important nutrient called “choline,” which helps increase our intelligence and memory, from conception to Senior Status, and has been shown in University studies to help fight off the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and other chronic mental impairments.

Bon Appetit!