Chis Baio (BAIO) is playing a show tonight at Lost Lake in Denver; You may know his tracks 'Sister of Pearl,' or 'The Names,' or you may even know him as the bassist from the band Vampire Weekend

He may be a multi-talented musician who has toured all over the world, but his mom still follows him on social media, just like yours does (awww).

I used to work in college radio, and I would always bring my laptop with me and load up on our 'wall of music,' which is exactly what Baio was doing in college, too. He cut his teeth as an overnight radio DJ, who eventually became music director, spawning his love for the electronic, synthy dance music you hear from BAIO.

That was kind of my second education while I was in college... that's where a lot of the electronic influence comes from... College radio had a huge hand in making me the musician that I am now.

Check out the full on-air audio with BAIO here:

BAIO will be at Lost Lake tonight (May 26) at 8 p.m. with Boyhollow, and Northern Colorado's own, futurebabes.