When my relatives ask what I want for Christmas  and I say booze they either 1.) Laugh at me like I am joking or 2.) Buy me McCormick's. By the way, I would rather have that awful sweater than McCormick's! When I say I want booze this Christmas, please consider buying from one of these great local distilleries. 

Peach Street Distillers: Located in Palisade – a town known for producing Colorado’s finest fruit –Peach Street takes advantage of local produce whether for plum brandy, peach vodka or bourbon made with Olathe sweet corn. Peach Street also produces Jackelope Gin, using Colorado berries, and two grappas.

Stranahan’sYou’d better move quick when you see this Denver original hit the shelves. Supply is short and demand is high, only 12 barrels are made weekly. Colorado’s first-born whiskey, 80 percent of its barley is from Colorado, while the rest is from other parts of the Rockies region. You can pick up a bottle at Stranahan’s Distillery or select bars and liquor stores.

Dancing PinesOffering multiple rums,Dancing Pines’ spice rum – cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla bean – is a fan favorite. Using only whole ingredients, this Loveland father-son team also creates chai and espresso liqueur, and bourbon, which matures in charred white oak casks.

Leopold Bros.: One of the most popular producers of local spirits, Leopold Bros. ingredients were recently found in many of the finalists’ recipes at the Colorado Cocktail competition. These Denver brothers practice environmental sustainability while creating their hand-crafted gins, whiskeys – including raisin, plum and peach tinged, premium liqueurs, award-winning Silver Tree vodka, and their traditionally prepared (no artificial coloring here) Absinthe Verte.

Peak SpiritsThis is Colorado, so you know you’ll find stellar organic and biodynamic options. And Peak Spirits fills that niche nicely with CapRock organic vodka and dry gin, organic peach and pear brandies, organic Eaux de Vie, and organic and biodynamic estate grappa.

Downslope DistilleryRelatively new on the scene, Centennial’s artisan distillers hand-craft an array of rums – including wine barrel-aged rum – along with cane, pepper and grain vodkas, and malt whiskey. The Double-Diamond whiskey, however, stands out as it tantalizes the palate with hints of honey, spice, wood and vanilla.

Roundhouse SpiritsThis Boulder micro-distillery reaches into its own backyard for the juniper berries that create their highly crafted award-winning gin. Using many natural and organic ingredients, Roundhouse also offers Corretto Coffee Liqueur using locally roasted beans, and the newly available Imperial barrel-aged gin.

Syntax Spirits: Greeley has some kickass vodka. Each batch of vodka is created by hand, from scratch, using handmade stainless-and-copper fractionating stills, Colorado Weld County wheat, and Poudre River whitewater. The stills are designed to produce a complex vodka with the buttery mouth feel that wheat vodka is known for, along with a synfully smooth finish.

Before you go out and buy grandpa, or me, that same old bottle of Jim Beam this year consider checking out one of our awesome local distilleries!