The skateboard demonstration I am hosting at the Jam is going to be amazing because the skaters we will feature are the absolute best Fort Collins has to offer. That distinction puts some of them into a national discussion that will continue to be had.

They skate for the love of it, and it shows.

This video is a great one, and it still can't represent seeing the real thing. That is why we are so excited to bring the Jam and the skate demo from the Market Skate Shop skaters on Sunday July 14, 2013 at Northside Skate Park in Fort Collins, CO.

It's a must not miss event for anyone who loves this kind of fun.

As with any town that has had a good skate park for any period of time, nobody rides it like the locals. They grew up on it. They've spent hours and hours discovering different lines, perfecting some, trying to land others.

They've built their skill set so that they can skate anything, but their home park is like the womb. They grew from it into the rest of the world, and nothing is more comfortable for them.

We'll do the demo sometime after 3pm. There's a battle of the bands and then the headliner, In the Whale will show us why people are talking nationally about them as well.