Billy Joel is selling his mansion in Miami Beach on the gated La Gorce Island.

How big is it? How much is he selling it for? How much does he stand to make on the deal?

Get the details- inside!

The Piano Man is letting go of his sprawling Miami Beach estate that he purchased with his third wive (now third ex-wife) Katie Lee. Back then they bought it for $13.5 Million.

Today it's on the market for $14.75 Million- that would be a cool $1.25 M profit if it sells at that price.

La Gorce Island at Miami Beach is one of those "you can't get there' gated communities where a lot of celebrities and other people with way more money than we'll EVER see get to live- away from all of us - 'also-rans"

Here's a little clip of the island--

There is a great write-up about Billy Joel's beachfront property. I could only take a few sentences since it just makes me so jealous and crazy:  Why can't I afford such a place?  Why would he and Katie Lee break up?  It's just too much for me-- but YOU can get a lot of details on his mansion and photos too from a pretty funny celeb news writer writer at RealStalker.


But this whole Billy Joel/Miami thing got me thinking about one of his classics.
Off his 'Turnstiles' album--'Miami 2017'