Cuddle Time
So that’s what they’re calling it these days, huh? Actually, cuddling is all you get, and that’s the business model that a Boulder man, Chris DeCicco, is banking on. "Be The Love You Are" a business offering a solid hour of cuddle time in exchange for a cool $60.

It's not a euphemism, or a new product. It's exactly what it sounds like: one-on-one non-sexual cuddling and touching. Maybe some spooning, hair caressing, hand holding, but absolutely no forking (if you catch my drift).

Customers can browse the company's web site and even choose from any of its eight "Snuggle Stars" to snuggle with for an hour. According to the company's web site, DiCicco believes human touch can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Some touch may release more than other kinds of touch, but that kind of touch is illegal to sell. Cuddling for money… Completely legal!

There’s no touching where undergarments cover, but I wonder how much begging and negotiating goes on in these women’s lives…

Some regular participants are physically handicapped. Others are single, elderly or lonely. Others are energy healers, massage therapists or just plain curious, and I am assuming horny.

This isn't an "only in Boulder" phenomenon. Snuggle parties are a growing trend worldwide.