I cannot be the only person who has ever worried about parts of my body getting stuck in those beach or pool chairs that have either plastic or wooden planks with gaps in between. If you have ever had a limb get stuck in one it can be a frightening situation... Now pretend it was the family jewels. 

Sorry for that thought, but it can happen, and as a matter of fact it did!

A dude in Croatia went for a dip, a skinny dip that is (presumably in chilly water), got back to land, found a wooden beach chair like the one I mentioned above, and had a seat. His boys found one of the gaps in the chair, made themselves comfortable, and started expanding in the heat. Croatian dude tried to get up and realized an important part of himself was now stuck...

I don't know about you, but this whole cutting things in half near my crotch, and having my nuts caught up in a chair garbage sounds really lame... My advice for you, don't sit on beach chairs naked. You're welcome!