A man caught video of some of the evacuation after the shooting in the Aurora movie theater last night. People streamed out of the theater in a relatively orderly fashion. About one minute in a police officer is seen escorting a man out whose right shoulder is covered in blood. The person with the blood on their shirt was walking on their own power, so it’s unclear if they were hurt or not. After 2 minutes, people start to run out of the theater and the person shooting the video runs as well.

At least eight people were shot and others were injured by scrap metal pepper bomb, the mortician said. Aurora Police said 10 people were killed inside the theater and four were killed outside.

A suspect was arrested in the parking lot of theater, police said.

He was found with two weapons in his possession, a rifle and a handgun. Police said they recovered a third weapon, but they did not say where that weapon was found or what it was.