It seems like the cost to play a youth sport just keeps on rising over the years. When factoring in all of the equipment and necessities that are required for playing even just one season on a sports team, it can really add up quick.

It's a disheartening thought to think that there are many kids out there who won't ever get a chance to play a sport of their choice because their family can't afford it. Youth sports can teach a child so much about teamwork, dedication, and confidence, while also encouraging them to see how important it is to exercise and be physically active.

The Broe Family Foundation understands how important these experiences are for children, and are now teaming up with the Town of Windsor Parks, Recreation and Culture Department to make recreational activities available for those who may not have the financial means to participate.

Through the Broe Family Foundation Windsor Scholarship, which is being offered to Windsor youth, ages 18 and under who have not yet graduated from high school, the selected recipients will receive $350 per year that will go towards participating in recreation programs. Recipients will also be invited to take part in a public component of the scholarship, which includes social activities in the community with representatives of the Broe Family Foundation.

An application and qualifying guidelines are required for consideration of this scholarship. The goal of the Broe Family Foundation is to allow the recipients of this scholarship to participate in experiences that build social connections, while also building confidence in the kids by being physically active.

If you are interested in applying for the Broe Family Foundation Windsor Scholarship, please contact Tara Fotsch at (970) 674-3512 or by email at