Monday’s suck! There is no denying it, and no way around it. Still we have to get up, get dressed, deal with traffic, the boss, and annoying co-workers, and do it all with a smile. By Monday afternoon, you are ready to vent a bit, at least I am! That is why I have created the Monday Chode. Basically a way for you to vent about somebody who pisses you off. Today my highlighted chode is no one new, but seeing him on the Grammy's last night reminded me how much I dislike him... Chris Brown. 

What is a chode? You can look it up on Urban Dictionary and get the actual street meaning, but to me it’s in the same line as douchebag, assh***, and dips***. Simply put, someone who pisses you off.

Everybody has someone in their life like this, and it can even be somebody you love, like your husband or mom, but still acted like a chode. Let’s try to stay away from politics though, because honestly no one gives a crap who you voted for or why. Anybody else is cool with me!

You can tell us about you Monday Chode on the comment section below this post, on our Facebook page, on my Facebook page, or call the studio line and tell me all about it @ 1-800-595-2943.

For this weeks edition of my Monday Chode, I am staying with the Grammy theme. Although overall I was upset with how the Grammy's turned out I was impressed by quite a few performances. As a music fan I can recognize talent, at least I like to think so. Rihanna   was spot on, and delivered one of the best musical performances of the night, and then made the mistake of going home with today's Chode himself, Chris Brown.

First of all, he looked like an idiot with his bleach-blonde hair, and just had a smirk like he could do no wrong every time the camera pointed to him. He sucks musically, has an anger problem, and thinks he is a lot sexier than he is!

How do you follow a crazy bar brawl that leads to a $16 million lawsuit? If you’re Chris Brown, you have a pre-VMA party shut down by the LAPD, get a tattoo resembling Rihanna's battered face on your neck, and throw a fit on a nationally televised talk show just because you are asked about your anger issues.

The only people in this situation who are bigger Chode's than Chris Brown are the people who are still buying his lame records and supporting him. Rihanna, baby you can do so much better! Leave him!

Hey Chris Brown... You are a CHODE!!!!!