Society today has made it taboo to talk about someone's weight or lazy lifestyle, but I tell you what, if someone made fun of my beer belly a few times it would certainly inspire me to put down my BigMac! But since people are too scared to tell one another they are fat, there is now an app for that. 

CARROT Fit, harasses and degrades you into shedding pounds!  It’s the latest addition to the CARROT family of apps (including a to-do list and alarm clock app) all of which use a similarly intense, drill-sergeant-esque approach to discipline and motivation.

CARROT Fit supposedly helps you stick to your fitness and weight-loss plan by audibly judging you every step of the way. Enter your weight and prepare to be called a “chubby human” with a “flabby carcass” by CARROT Fit’s snarky “fitness overlord.”

The app claims to be “harsh yet fair” and promises to make “losing weight…suck so much less.”  Because being called a fat son-of-a-bitch by your phone well you about die after a workout sounds like so much fun!