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CSU’s Nick Stevens Waived from the Denver Broncos
A little more than a month has gone by since former CSU Quarterback Nick Stevens was signed on to the Denver Broncos. Today we are learning that he was waived from the team.
According to the Coloradoan, Stevens was released from the team on the final day of the three day mini camp on May 17th with th…
Multiple People Shot at Wesminster Dentist Office
According to 9News, there has been a shooting at a dentist office in Wesminster were there appears to be multiple fatalities. As of right now, the report is that at least two adults and two children are among the victims and transported to a local hospital for medical treatment of gunshot wounds...
Waterworld Closed Due to Possible Contamination
Waterworld in Federal Heights is closed today and tomorrow from a possible water contamination at the park. A power outage and a broken valve could have let pond water into the park's water supply according to CBS Denver.
Officials are stating that if park goers came to Waterworld earlier this w…

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