As a life long, die hard Chicago Bears fan, I am constantly being let down. It ain't easy being a Bears fan. This year is among the more disappointing years in recent memory. I always take solace in the fact that some people are Vikings fans. They have it way worse. The Vikings are almost always terrible. Really bad. AWFUL.

And then there are the Jacksonville Jaguars who exist solely to make fans of ANY OTHER team feel better about their team.

This video is pretty symbolic of the Bears season in general. Started off pretty well...seems to be ending not as well. That said, I will never not be a fan because......yeah I don't know. I just won't never not. I won't never not.

Go Bears (and obviously, Go Broncos...don't send me hate mail. They're not even rivals. Don't go nuts).

Maybe next year.

Re-sign Urlacher... you jerks.

NOTE: There are some 4 letter words at the very end of the video.