For much of the beginning of the disastrous situation we have faced over the last few days in Northern Colorado, most of Weld County and the cities downstream were relatively unharmed. But as the huge amounts of water began to flow down the rivers, creeks, and streams, Greeley and many of the surrounding towns in Weld County have been hit hard, Here are the latest updates from those towns. 

County officials cautioned residents living near the rivers to "make necessary preparations for evacuation of your family, pets and livestock. All residents near the rivers should remain aware of the situation by monitoring news and media outlets. You should be ready to evacuate if flood waters start approaching your location."

  • The Red Cross has a shelter established at the Greeley Recreation Center (651 10th Street, Greeley, CO) for evacuees.
  • MANDATORY EVACUATIONS: Greeley residents and businesses in the area between East 8th Street and Highway 34 from Cherry Street, east to Weld County Road 49.
  • Greeley residents along the Poudre and Platte rivers were asked to voluntarily evacuate.
  • All District 6 schools will be open Monday and will operate on a regular schedule.
  • If you are seeking information via the phone on flooding issues and services please call (970)475-1100.
  • The Red Cross has a shelter established at the Greeley Recreation Center (651 10th Street, Greeley, CO) for evacuees.
  • Waste Water
    The 1st Avenue Treatment Plant is still out of service.
    Residents affected are:
    • All lands in the Evans city limits and unincorporated Weld County east of 29th Avenue and north of the South Platte River.
    • Hunter’s Reserve Subdivision north of Park View Drive and east of Mountain View Drive.
    • Carriage Estates subdivision in unincorporated Weld County.
    Please refrain from all use of the wastewater system. This includes:
    • NO flushing of toilets
    • DO NOT DO laundry,
    • DO NOT bath,
    • DO NOT shower
    • NO dishwashing, etc.
    Staff is uncertain how long the system will be down, but we are evaluating all available options to restore service as quickly as possible. Porta potties will be available in affected areas later in the day.
  • MANDATORY EVACUATIONS: Residents living north of Broad Street.
  • Shelter is setup at Milliken Middle School.
  • Johnstown police report flood waters there have receded. The mandatory evacuation of Downtown Jamestown and surrounding neighborhoods have therefore been lifted.
  • A mandatory evacuation remains in effect for the Thompson River Ranch subdivision because of a flood warning active until 7:45 p.m.
  • Highway 60 between Johnstown and Milliken remains closed, as are bridges south of Highway 60 on County Roads 17, 15 and 13.
  • Other closed roads are County Road 17 from Johnston to CR 50.
  • La Salle area residents along Weld County Road (WCR) 394 from WCR Road 31 to Highway 85 and along WCR 52 to WCR 31 on the east side of Highway 85. They can take shelter at the LaSalle Fire Department. The North Valley Middle School shelter has been moved to the fire department.
  • La Salle area residents south of Highway 34 to WCR 54 between County Roads 45 and 47. They can take shelter at the LaSalle Fire Department.
  • MANDATORY EVACUATIONS: Frederick residents along Graden and Hawthorne Streets.
  • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has issued a boil water advisory on behalf of the Town of Firestone due to the flooding.
  • Mandatory water restrictions still in place for Frederick, testing being done for water quality.

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UPDATED at 3:05pm September 14th, 2013