There is currently a pretty wide variety of edibles and CBD-infused beverages already being sold in marijuana dispensaries around Colorado, but with the steady progression of the industry based on recent legislation in Colorado, it’s no surprise that someone has now created a cannabis-infused alcoholic drink to add to the party. Two trailblazing “dudes” in Aurora are preparing to introduce their line of craft, cannabis-infused beer to the world in September.

During Denver’s Great American Brew Festival, happening September 24-26, 2015 at the Colorado Convention Center, Dad & Dude’s Breweria based out of Aurora, will be offering two of their new beer choices to the public to sample as a sneak peek prior to their actual Canna-Beer series release scheduled to happen later in the fall. The new brews don’t contain actual THC, as it is prohibited to use in beer by federal law, but rather are loaded with cannabidiol that has been extracted from plants. While you won’t get the “high” that comes along with smoking, you will still be getting the non-psychoactive benefits from the CBDs, such as stress relief. Brewery owner, Mason “Dude” Hembree explained that it’s not yet legal for brewers to use locally cultivated cannabis in their products, so going about finding the right hemp oil was somewhat difficult, but regardless, they managed to come up with some delicious concoctions that get the job done.

The two beers that will be introduced at the Festival will be the Sativa IPA and the Indica Double IPA. Being that hops and cannabis plants both produce very similar and aromatic buds, it’s guaranteed that these two choices of beer could lure you in with just their delicious smell– which not surprisingly, and exciting news for pot-enthusiasts, happens to smell pretty similar to the real deal. The Sativa IPA is the more casual of the two, aimed at beer and bud lovers alike, with a 5% ABV. The Breweria owners do recommend to start with drinking small amounts of the Indica IPA, as it is 10% ABV(very strong!), and also very hoppy. For those who are super in to craft brewing, the Indica IPA is a sessionable 5.0% India Pale Ale, of course then brewed with hemp oil that is packed with CBDs.

The father-son duo are no strangers to incorporating the cannabis industry into their brewing business, as they released a popular brew titled Dank IPA back in 2012, and re-released it again in 2014 after it originally received some criticism and scrutiny, even though it was not cannabis-infused in any way whatsoever. In 2010, the men also started offering pot-themed pizzas inside their brewpub, including the 420 Pizza, and other beers with weed inspired names. During the release in September, the father and son are expected to announce upcoming plans and partnerships that they have with those in the cannabis industry. They are excited to see where they can take it, what else they can create, and how the two industries will be able to further unite in the future, rather than compete. As they see it, cannabis should be considered normal, and are looking forward to ramping up their pot-related products and ideas, an easier feat with new legislation continuing to pass in the state of Colorado.