"American Ninja Warrior" is one of those shows that I am mesmerized by because it's a show that can easily suck you into its awesomeness.

It's back on NBC for its fourth season. It's a bunch of ridiculously difficult obstacles that always seem to cater to the rock climbing contestants. Six regional qualifiers are held across the U.S. to find 100 people to compete in the national finals in Vegas for a shot at $500,000 and the title of American Ninja Warrior.

Training groups for the show are popping up all over the United States including one in Colorado named the "Wolfpack." The Wolfpack can boast last year's champ, Isaac Caldiero, as one of their members.

Other members include:

Megan Bevans, Denver
Dylan Boxer, Denver
Jake Murray, Denver
Michael Stanger, Fruita
Meagan Martin, Boulder
Ian Dory, Fort Collins
Brian Arnold, Brighton
Lorin Ball, Denver

Here's a look at Fort Collins' native, Ian Dory's run on the show.