To be honest with you I am a bit of a showman. I like bright colored clothes, and making bold statements. New Colorado State head football coach, Jim McElwain, seems to like bold statements as well, just in a less colorful way. CSU showed off the first uniforms they will wear while playing for McElwain on media day, picture day, as he called it, yesterday. To say the least they are plain.

A solid forest green jersey with stitched on gold numbers. No stripes or Rams’ horn patterns on the shoulders. Same with the pants – a light gold with a CSU logo just below the left hip and no stripes. The helmets are unchanged, with the gold Rams’ horn on a forest green background.

“He talked a lot about cleaning the clutter from past years, and this is definitely changing what had been going on,” junior center Weston Richburg said. “So this is kind of a symbol: We’re forgetting about the past and trying to move on to something new.”

McElwain said he really didn’t have any input on the uniform design, but he, too, liked the symbolism.

“I think you’ve got to earn your stripes,” he said. "I wish we'd wear our practice jerseys and our practice uniforms and learn how to go out and block and tackle and play," he said. "To me, you have to earn the uniform. As of right now, we haven't done any of that. I do believe we will, and I do believe we will in time."