We should be giving to the Colorado Welcome Center, instead of the Welcome Center giving to us.

If you've been to the facility on Prospect near I-25, you know that it is not only a nice place to stop during your travels, it is also a treasure trove of information, as well as a gateway to a nice natural area.

Running Deer Natural Area borders it and rolls into Prospect Ponds, Riverbend Ponds and the Poudre Trail. Nice.

It's a great idea for Fort Collins residents and Northern Coloradoans to pop by sometime, because they have aisles and stacks of great information about Colorado, and a staff that can tell you everything you need to know about our colorful state to boot.

Plus, to celebrate 15 years of awesomeness, they're hooking travelers up with cool CO swag this week (Sept. 6-10). I'm not sure if they are trying to give the goodies to people passing through, or those of us who live, here, but either way, pay them a visit. Their smiles and helpfulness will lift your spirits, and may even give you some ideas for staycations.

Here's what their release had to say about it.

Join us as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary at the Fort Collins Colorado Welcome Center! 5 Days of 15 Free Giveaways 


For the five–day week of September 6 -10, we will celebrate with our traveling guests. The first 15 guests per shift will receive free Colorado- and Fort Collins-themed giveaways from the Center and the Alpine Arts gift shop located in the Fort Collins Colorado Welcome Center at 3745 East Prospect Road.