Gabriel Iglesias is a funny comedian.

Plus, in a world where it isn't enough to just be funny, he's versatile, and has stuck around for a long time.

While stand up is his bread and butter, he has found his way into TV and film, with gigs on Family Guy and All That. His film career includes Magic Mike, Planes and the Nut Job.

In our interview, he was cool, affable and open. He wasn't afraid to tell me anything, and just seemed like the kind of guy it would be cool to be friends with because he was nice, and also very funny.

I appreciated his down-to-Earth-ness, because, honestly, interviewing comedians can be a tough gig. They are not always receptive to radio hosts, probably because radio hosts can be a bunch of self-absorbed boneheads that actually think they are standup comedians. So when they have an actual stand up comedian in the room or on the phone, they really lay it on thick and try to be funny, when they are not, thereby making stand up comedians think all radio hosts are boneheads.

Anyway, I know this perception exists, so I just asked him, "What do you wish a radio host would ask you?" He gives a great and real answer.

Check out his Sept. 24, 2015 show at the Budweiser Events Center.