At a meeting of the Colorado State University's Stadium Advisory Committee on Thursday night, the university announced the three most likely areas of the Fort Collins campus where they think it may be possible to build an on-campus football stadium. Which site do you think would be best?

The first site generally straddles Pitkin Street, directly west of the railroad tracks. The second area - although CSU marked it out as three separate possible 12-acre sites - generally centers around the Pitkin-Meridian intersection. And the third sits atop where Ingersoll Hall is today, near the intersection of Shields and Elizabeth streets on the west side of campus by the football practice fields.

CSU is studying whether it can and should replace the aging 32,500-seat Hughes Stadium west of the city with an approximately 45,000-seat privately funded football stadium on campus. Funding for the stadium would come from private donors, selling the naming rights, a ticket surcharge, and suite and seat-license sales, according to committee members who are working to identify exactly how much they could raise.

The Colorado State Stadium Advisory Committee page has all the information to this point about the new stadium, and also allows you to make recommendations to CSU President Tony Frank.