I usually get funny looks from people when I say I am from Greeley. They ask questions like, "how could you stand to live there?" And "do you have to wear a nose plug?" So, it's not the most glamorous place to be from, but when people like Daniel Tosh come through it makes it just that much better. Tosh was at the Union Colony Civic Center last night, and  had a sell-out crowd of almost 2,000 people crying, from laughing so hard. 

Fellow Comedy Central funnyman Jerrod Carmichael got the party started, and didn't disappoint. After about 20 minutes of Mr. Carmichael, Tosh came out to 2,000 people cheering like they were at an Elvis concert in the 60's. Wearing all black with neon orange basketball shoes, Tosh immediately turned into his assho** self saying "believe it or not, that gets really old." He went on to make fun of abortion, rape, black people, politics, and every other extra sensitive subject you can think of.

Tosh went on to say that he didn't think Greeley stunk, and it was actually a really nice place, so HA!! Actually, he must of sat on his bus the whole day because the second we left the theater I instantly was hit by "that smell!"

Tickets were $60, but well worth the price for a couple hours of laughing your ass off to jokes about Tim Tebow, women's rights, and Osama bin Laden among other things. Plus, this summer tour could very well be your last chance to see Tosh live! According to his website, “Daniels Groundhog Day” is coming... That’s a countdown to Daniels 38th birthday when he plans to retire. According to Tosh, he plans on committing suicide or retiring to the beach.