So I matched with a former coworker on Tinder last week, and there was a super weird conversation that came of it.

To clarify, this is not a former coworker from Townsquare Media. Just FYI.

Anyway, this topic led Madi and I on a discussion about online dating in general. One listener told us we should try Bumble because there are hotter men on there (so of course we had to give it a spin, because we love hot men), another said we need to avoid matching with guys whose eyes you can't see (her friend went on a coffee date with a guy with photos like that, and he had a drifting eye...that can definitely be awkward if you're not expecting that!), and another said "don't Tinder drunk!!!!!!!!!" (We agree, sister! That's a bushel of mistakes waiting to happen.)

What weird online dating stories do you have? Have you ever matched with a coworker or former coworker on Tinder? If so, what happened?

Play back our Facebook live stream about online dating below!

Matching with a co-worker on Tinder: it happened to Mollie last week with a former co-worker, and she and Madi are discussing it right now. Has this ever happened to you? Tell us your story in the comments or shoot us a private message!

Posted by 99.9 The Point on Wednesday, March 23, 2016