I call it a sign of the Apocalypse.

The Three Stooges comes to theaters this weekend.

I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to know that this movie - is just-Not. Very. Good.

See my '5 Strikes' on why- and tell me what YOU think!

First, let me just admit- I have never cared for The Three Stooges. Slapstick comedy isn't my thing. The original Stooges came along when comedy wasn't as refined as today. We're smarter, we need a little more of the cerebral. Adam Sandler not withstanding.

This movie has been hyped and hyped. commercials for it are on all the time. It would be hard to NOT know that it premieres this weekend.

The Farrelly Brothers co-wrote and directed the film. You could put that down as the first strike. I HAVE enjoyed most of their films- like 'There's Something About Mary',  'Stuck on You' and 'Me, Myself and Irene'.   But for every one of those, there's a Farrelly Brothers movie like- 'The Ringer' and "Osmosis Jones'.  So, really it's a 50/50 at best for the guys.  I will say, I do respect their use of persons with disabilities in their films.

Let's make Strike Two- the lack of known names as The Stooges.  Sure, people rec0gnize Sean Hayes' (Larry) name- as the actor who played 'Jack' on 'Will  & Grace' for years, but this doesn't seem to be a role he was born to play. The actor who plays 'Moe' is hardly known (Chris Diamantopoulos),  as well as the actor portraying 'Curly' (Will Sasso).  It makes me wonder how many actors were given the script but passed, before the Farrelly's got these three.

Strike ThreeSofía Vergara and Kate Upton.  When in doubt, and you're playing the lowest common denominator- throw in a couple of busty women.

Strike Four: The Situation is in it. Yes, THAT Situation.

Strike Five: The Trailer. It doesn't even look like they've taken a modern-day twist on The Stooges- It's just in color now:

But then, maybe I just DON"T LIKE THE THREE STOOGES and am biased.

What do YOU Say?