It's National Doughnut Day, and to celebrate I thought we should take a trip down doughnut memory lane in Fort Collins, with the old topless doughnut shop, Debbie Duz Donuts!

I was having lunch with a friend the other day who is loyal listener to my radio show. Somehow we got on the topic of me loving both donuts and boobs (what kind of man doesn't). So he asked me if I remembered the old topless donut joint in Fort Collins, Debbie Duz Donuts. Having never heard of it, I had to do a little research.

Seems as though the reason I don't remember it, is because when it was open I was playing with boobies, in my mouth actually, but not for pleasure, it was my food source. The year was 1989 and located on the northeast corner of I-25 and Highway 14 right across the street from the McDonalds that sits there today, was Debbie Duz Donuts... An adult doughnut shop.

Truckers from all over the country packed the parking lot every night. The local men stopped by after work, and even Geraldo came out and did a story. They all came out to pay $2.25 for ordinary cups of coffee served by topless women.

I hear that many of the ladies serving the donuts and coffee were not necessarily what you would find in Playboy, more like a mix between the Waffle House and a cheap strip club...

But even with business booming the shop only lasted a few months. Many locals, and the sheriff hated the business from the get-go. Only a few months into Debbie Duz Donuts, the sheriff finally busted the owner on a drug charge, and the donut shop was never heard from again.

How do we go about reopening something like this?