Our radio stations, Townsquare Media LLC, have taken a very aggressive approach to dominating in all types of media. If you’ve looked at any of our websites, you know how true it is. Audio, video, multiple postings about everything under the sun.

For this professed geek, it’s been a long time coming. I remember putting my first personal business website on line in 1994, and at the time I had people saying, what are you thinking? There’s nothing to this.

Times have changed.

So now, everyday, we; the on air staff, along with a crew of behind the scenes staffers are posting all types of material we hope you’ll find informative, entertaining and at times humorous.

I think we’re doing a great job, by the way.

But, this ‘on line life’ is starting to reach the breaking limits and I know you Facebookers, in particular know what I’m talking about. I’m sure most of you do.

My Gmail account has over 7,000 emails in my spam folder. I have over 900 unread emails in one of my Yahoo email accounts. Don’t even get me started on Hotmail or even my station emails.

I feel responsible to look and decide what needs to be responded to. I try to stay current, but even a day’s break can, well; ‘break you.’

I’ve seen people who said they’re logging off Facebook for a day in protest, then post an hour later. This digital addiction is crazy!

I know there are those of you that may be reading this who can actually walk away from a computer or ‘device’ for a few days and get by. I’m starting to envy you.

It is my hope that all of this digital mania slows down a bit, but I’m not very optimistic. So, I’ll just hunker down and find a way to deal with it, I guess.

Oops gotta run, I have 8000 emails to rummage through and 58 voice mails.

Hopefully, I didn’t miss out on the Nigerian lottery win deposit to my account!

Where is that pencil anyway ?