Larimer Humane Society’s Animal Protection and Control has received 11 reports of dismembered cats found within the city limits of Loveland west of North Taft Avenue since spring. That raised concerns and prompted an investigation by Loveland Police and LHS.

Officials quickly ruled out human involvement.  After closer investigation, it turned out that the dead felines had been killed by predators. According to the press release, about half of a coyote's diet is domesticated cats.

Loveland city ordinance requires cats to be on a leash within city limits.

“This law is there to address nuisance concerns like cats pooping in neighbor kid’s sand box and killing wild birds,” said Animal Protection and Control Captain, Bill Porter. “However, it is often overlooked that the law is there to protect cats from cars, dogs and what we are seeing now…wild animal predation.”


Make sure that not only your cats are on leashes, but all of your small animals as well-- they could be in danger if you do not keep them indoors or on-leash at all times.

Animal Protection and Control wants to help keep your pets safe, and away from the predators!