Disgusting comes in all shapes and sizes; unfortunately in this case, it's a suspected drug dealer who could be to blame for throwing 17 bags of heroin into a play area at a doggy daycare here in Colorado.

Multiple dogs are the drugs and one almost died in the incident that occurred Tuesday at the Bark and Play off 13th Avenue and Santa Fe Drive in Denver, reports Denver7.

Police say officers witnessed the suspect dealing drugs in the area, leading to a chase. That's when the suspect allegedly threw something over the fence and into an area where the dogs were playing.

The incident was caught on surveillance video and shows several dogs eating or chewing on heroin bags. Their owners were notified immediately.

One dog, a golden retriever named Charlie, was rushed to a vet and given the anti-heroin drug Narcan plus a charcoal treatment. Luckily Charlie and the other dogs affected survived.

Bark and Play owner Garrett Bishop says the heroin problem in the area is "ridiculous."

"We find needles, we find everything around here," Bishop told Denver7. "And it's getting to the point where I can't let my employees go outside."

Police say the suspect is in custody and faces possible drug charges, though they are not releasing their identity as they work to positively identify the suspect.