So, you know, for those of you who were speculating that this band shared a vocalist with Panic! At The Disco... this should reveal the truth.

Courtesy CO5 Music

The frontman's name is actually Kyle Morris, he's from [Scruggs' hometown in] Texas and he's usually wearing some kind of awesome suit, even in the summer. I met him last week in a gorgeous coordinating blue and green plaid set. ASOS, anyone? -- Yeah, we've talked about it. 

He and the rest of The Unlikely Candidates will be stopping by Fort Collins for our next Edge of The X show at Illegal Pete's in Old Town at 9 p.m., Friday July 8, courtesy of CO5 Music. This show is free, and open to the burrito-loving public.

The Unlikely Candidates - 'Your Love Could Start a War'

#THROWBACK The Unlikely Candidates - 'Follow My Feet'

Friday, July 8 | 9 p.m. | Illegal Pete's, 320 Walnut Street, Old Town Fort Collins| All Ages | FREE and Open to the Public