If you were ever wondering what the album cover for 'Your Love Could Start a War' would look like in the flesh, we found out last night at Illegal Pete's in Old Town Fort Collins at our Edge of The X with The Unlikely Candidates.

Shok & Awe, Madi Scruggs/TSM

Mad props to Kyle Morris from The Unlikely Candidates for a full performance in that leather jacket in the middle of summer. As an owner of the exact same jacket, I admire and respect your dedication.

After a quick studio visit, the Texas boys packed the house at our fave Old Town burrito stop, Illegal Pete's, for what was definitely our most energetic Edge of The X to date. Acoustic or not, it wouldn't be an Unlikely Candidate show without Kyle running into the crowd, climbing on top of a table full of empty burrito baskets, and maybe sacrificing the a microphone in the process. Worth the casualty, in my opinion.

Madi Scruggs/TSM

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All photos: Madi Scruggs for Townsquare Media.