Yesterday we got a double serving of Edge of The X, with 888 and New Beat Fund in downtown Fort Collins.

We were so excited to welcome 888 to town for their first Fort Collins show. The guys are from Denver (ever heard of Drop Dead, Gorgeous?), but they're on the brink of breaking nationally on the alternative rock charts, with their song 'Critical Mistakes' already spinning on radio stations across the U.S. If you ever get the chance to see 888 perform in Denver, do it. Also, they don't wear colors either, so you know... everyone can leave me alone now.

888, Shelby Taylor-Thorn, Mollie Kendrick
Photo- Madi Scruggs/ TSM

On the other hand, New Beat Fund came back for Edge of The X round two, with a ...colorful happy hour performance. We loved seeing our X-ers in the audience singing along to the band's new song, 'No Type.' (Yes, like the one by Rae Sremmurd. #badbitches) We can't get enough of watching these guys perform, and after spending a fun evening -- Pour Bros. photo booth and late night guac and burritos included -- with the NBF boys, we hope to see them back in Fort Collins for another round of 'Loco in FoCo' (their words, not mine).

Edge of The X with 888 and New Beat Fund