Anyone who has tried to go to Horsetooth after sunset knows that our local parks and open spaces have closing hours. Those pesky park rangers will tap on your car window and ask you to leave, without respecting the fact that you have a date. Not that it's happened to me... Now, you can safely (and legally) nature walk at night with Adult Night Walks

Andreas Schindl, ThinkStock

The amount of scenic open spaces we have so close in proximity to our city is unique to living in Northern Colorado. It's only natural to want to go explore them, and those of us who love a little adrenaline rush have an itch to adventure outdoors in the moonlight, despite daytime-use only laws. (Which exist for a reason; I mean, have you ever seen a horror movie about people who go into the forest at night? Those always end well.)

Fortunately, the City of Fort Collins hosts Adult Night Walks, so you can check out our natural areas in the dark of night, without worrying about Sasquatch, zombie deer or the lost souls of Bingham Hill.

Adult Night Walks are one to two mile treks, for ages 16 and up. Scheduled near the full moon, no flashlight is needed; just a water bottle, comfortable shoes and warm clothes. You can register to go on a free Adult Night Walk on August 28 here.

More information on Adult Night Walks available at