Do you think the Facebook mom everyone is talking about went too far? Most say no!

I saw an interview with the “Facebook Mom” this morning and I was surprised to hear all that has been going on with this since she made a change to her 13 year old daughter’s Facebook cover picture.  Mom was hosting a sleep over for her daughter, from what I understand and her daughter was showing off in front of her friends in the car while on the way to pick up another girl. The daughter essentially was down talking mom about going the wrong direction and driving too slow, etc. Mom warned her that she was on thin ice and the girl continued. Mom said something to the effect “keep it up and no sleep over”, well from what I got from the interview that didn’t happen and the sleep over went on as planned as the mom said when they got home she told her daughter that it may not look like it now, but you are in trouble.

Whao! (wait right there)

The sleep over went on as planned… no one has paid any attention to this, just to the image change mom made to her 13 year old daughters Facebook page. I keep mentioning 13 year old daughter as I don’t agree with the child even having a Facebook page. Our little people are 16 (in 9 days) and 17… just last night they got Facebook pages. Now let’s go back, she still got her sleep over! I don’t know what you have read or lived or heard, but for me consistency was always shoved down my throat as the best parenting tool along with THREATS MUST BE REAL! If you say it, you better mean it as a parent, or they will disrespect you and walk all over you-this behavior will only escalate as they get into their teens, hello, she is 13-don’t think this is the first time mom has had an empty threat. My disclaimer… no, I have not always been consistent, nor have I always followed through with a threat, but I have more than I have not. And 99.1% of the time, my children have always been respectful towards me.

In addressing the punishment for the “crime”… heck yes I support it and don’t think that she crossed any lines. I say that with this little piece of insider information in the rearing of D Dennison… my mom babysat the neighbor kids from time to time and if I tattled on anyone, she would take a piece of masking tape and write tattle teller on it and put it on my mouth… no, I didn’t get to go hide in the corner, she made me go back out and play with it for 15 minutes. She was teaching me to be accountable… accountable to myself and the words I spoke… I think she did right by me and I think the Facebook mom has done a fine job as well with the ‘red x’ on her daughters picture and by telling her that she had to tell everyone in detail why this happened.

Welcome to parenting, it isn’t all fuzzy blankets and first steps… it gets hard sometimes.