Kristin Mastre,

I always thought that it would be beer that would bring me to Golden, Colorado. It’s not news to anyone that I’m a huge supporter of the craft beer industry. I find it incredibly interesting that right here in Colorado, we have two enormous Big Beer companies that often put a damper on craft beer. Beer Wars was a particularly enlightening movie on the subject. Even though I practically bleed craft beer, I’ve always had an interest in going into the belly of the beast to see how it all worked on that end. Coors (which I don’t drink, and never will) is based in Golden. While we were there, we drove around the plant. It’s insane.

But, it wasn’t beer that brought me to Golden, it was trains.

Golden is a fun historical town filled with many adventures to experience. Road bikers are everywhere, there is art on almost every corner downtown, and there is the Colorado Railroad Museum. It was The Preschooler’s birthday celebration that brought us to Golden. Our trip wasn’t about beer, but filled with Thomas The Train rides.

After an easy morning drive out there, we stopped for lunch in downtown Golden before heading off to the museum. We took some time checking out some options, and decided to go to D’ Deli. We are often disappointed with our dining experiences on road trips around Colorado, but we were thrilled to have had a fantastic lunch at D’ Deli.

D’ Deli is a popular locally-owned sandwich shop right on the main drag of Downtown Golden. Owner, Al Neighbors is known for developing creative sandwiches with delicious fresh-made breads and quality ingredients. They also offer fresh soups and house-made ice cream as well. The menu selection is vast and a tad overwhelming, but point your finger at anything on the menu board and you will most definitely eat something that tastes amazing…

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