Kristin Mastre,

Surprises at restaurants can be interesting – you never know if it will be good or bad. That’s part of the adventure, though. Taking the first bite, unsure of what kind of flavor awaits your taste buds – that moment in time seems to stand still until the spark of taste ignites your palate. Some people are afraid of that moment of the unknown. I love the gamble. I’m willing to risk a chance at eating something terrible just to find something incredible. When I first walked into Nimo’s Sushi Bar, I was about to take another dining gamble. I met with Betsy and Rocky from MenuTrinfo for an adventurous sushi dinner. We were there a tad early, just as they opened for the night (they aren’t open for lunch). I felt that thrill of the risk increase as I noticed we were the only people in the restaurant. I wondered which way this dining surprise would go – an empty restaurant could mean bad news. Nimo’s Sushi is in Campus West on Elizabeth in a nearly hidden, run down strip mall. It’s difficult to notice from the road if you’re not really looking for it. Owner and sushi chef Nimo Nemota brought over 30 years of sushi experience from Japan when he opened the restaurant in 1992… To read the rest of this review, go to: