I haven’t shared any video game news lately, so why not start up again?  Unfortunately, this isn’t very good news.

If you were to ask what the best role-playing video game of all time is, many MANY people would respond with Final Fantasy VII for the original PlayStation. It’s just terrific.  I don’t have time to go into all the things that make it great; but just trust me, it is.

In 2005, as Sony was getting ready to unveil the Playstation 3 system, they teamed up with developer Square Enix and showed a demo of the console’s capabilities (see below) at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.  The demo showed the introduction to FFVII, redone with PS3 visuals.  As I remember it, all parties involved made it very clear that it was just a tech demo, and no plans for a remake of the game were being made.

Still, speculation that there will be a modern remake of the PlayStation classic has been swirling ever since.  However, this bit of news just came from Square Enix:

Just the latest bit of news to dash the hopes of gamers everywhere.  Oh, well.  I, for one, am still hopeful!