With the rash of horrendous wildfires scorching Colorado there are thousands of fire fighters and emergency responders working tirelessly trying to save other people’s lives and homes. Most of us don’t know what its like to go work and risk our lives. Let alone risking our lives for someone else.

I’ve been watching a string of firefighter tribute videos on YouTube this afternoon, and I have to say that with all that’s going on, some of them have been giving me goosebumps and even welling up a few tears in my eyes.Some are inspiring, some are sad, and some are downright cheesy. And many of them were made as a tribute to those fighting fires long ago and far away. But the underlying message in all of them is the same.

Thank you.

I haven’t lost a home to these fires. I haven’t lost a family member. But the fact that these brave community members risk everything to try and make sure someone else doesn’t lose life, limb or property humbles me.

Thank you fire fighters. Thank you all.